Eastern Communications sponsors PhNOG Conference 2018


Eastern Communications recently sponsored this year’s Philippine Network Operators (PhNOG) Conference as part of their efforts to help the nation achieve faster and stronger internet connections.

In his Welcome Message, DICT Secretary Eliseo M. Rio Jr. shared that with the increasing reliance on the Internet for delivery of government services and day-to-day citizens’ transactions and business operations, the Philippine populace’ strong market potential poses challenges pertinent to setting up an ecosystem of interconnected and interoperable electronic communications system that is responsive to the needs of a digital society.

He stressed that network operators are instrumental in making sure that the DICT is able to maximize the different opportunities in providing internet for all and discussed that the benefits of IXPs (Internet Exchange Points) and IP peering results in improved network performance, better capacity for handling large amounts of traffic, and keeping local traffic local contributing to reduced transit cost and an improved quality of service for end users.

As a member of the PhNOG, Eastern Communications support and promote coordination amongst network operators in the Philippines and abroad. They are also part of the Manila Internet Exchange and the Philippine Open Internet Exchange (PhOpenIX), an Internet Exchange managed by the Department of Science and Technology’s Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) that would allow for the free flow of internet traffic among connected providers.

The PhNOG conference held immersive workshops to educate Network Engineers, and Systems Administrators with courses on the theories of network management and free, open source tools that will allow small teams to handle large scale networks. Eastern TFP Program Manager Jureinalyn P. Berganio gave a talk on the Philippine internet landscape.

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