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Know more about WiFi Mesh and how it can rid you of troublesome dead spots

Do you ever wonder why some parts of your office have great access to wifi while other areas have a weak connection or no connection at all?

To solve the mystery of dead spots in your workplace, let’s talk about wifi and how it works. WiFi is a technology that uses radio waves to provide network connectivity, which is why why we’re now capable of connecting our laptops, phones, and other devices to the Internet wirelessly in an area.

While WiFi allows us to connect to the internet with more convenience, its reach is geographically limited depending on how far or near you are from the router—but that was yesterday. Presently, an emerging technology named wireless mesh network or simply WiFi Mesh can help you avoid those troublesome dead spots within your office.

WiFi Mesh lets you connect to the Internet whether you are in the reception area, basement or garage with the same signal strength as in other areas.

Wifi Mesh works by spreading a network connection among several or wireless mesh ‘nodes’that share the network connection across a large area. Basically, it eliminates dead spots and every corner of a particular space gets network connection. Mesh networks have been utilized in larges spaces such as multi-story buildings where poor signal usually occurs or no signal at all.

Eastern Communications, one of the country’s premier telecommunications companies, is now offering Managed WiFi Mesh for small to medium spaces to help provide strong connectivity in all areas of your business premises.


Eastern Communications Wifi Mesh
Wifi Mesh provides a strong connection in every corner of your office without the need to switch networks and use different security keys.


Eastern Communications’ Managed WiFi Mesh provides rich interconnection among devices connected and provide seamless wireless experience to all users beyond concrete walls and multi-stories of schools, 3-star hotels, medium-sized offices, or co-working spaces.

Unlike the traditional WiFi extenders, which repeats a WiFi signal for long distance use and requires you to have separate networks, Eastern Communications’ Managed WiFi Mesh does not require reconnecting to a certain network as you move around the place. Since it is a wireless network, it also saves businesses from the hassle of cabling and setting it up and there’s minimal configuration required between remote units.

Most importantly, there will be zero dead spots as the WiFi Mesh completely covers the client premises.

With strong connectivity in every corner of your office, streamlined internet connection and easier network management, you can get the most out of your network and achieve greater productivity with Eastern Communications.

For more information about Eastern Communications products and services, visit www.eastern.com.ph.

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