Eastern Communications' stronger partnership with MAPLE

Eastern Communications’ stronger partnership with MAPLE


EASTERN COMMUNICATIONS HONORS STRONGER PARTNERSHIP WITH MAPLE. Eastern Communications Marketing Division O.I.C. Jedrek Estanislao, Regional Sales Head Anthony Co, and Cebu Sales Head Mark Pepino recently turned over a one of a kind digital artwork to Muramoto Audio-Visual Philippines Inc. (MAPLE), a Japanese multi-national company based in Cebu, as token of appreciation for their unwavering loyalty to the telco company. 

MAPLE’s General Affairs and Financial Affairs Department Manager Espie Jingco received the artwork entitled “Urban Bayanihan” created by artist Jap Mikel as symbol of their 22 years of partnership with Eastern Communications. MAPLE is the leading manufacturer of audio-visual mechanisms for automotive and general devices serving major Japanese, American, and European companies.

Inspired by Filipino tradition of Bayanihan, “Urban Bayanihan” is a visual representation of progress through partnership in modern times. More than providing best-in-class products and services to both local and international clients, Eastern Communications prides themselves to be a “High-Touch” company, nurturing their strong connection with their clientele through extraordinary customer service.  

For more information on Eastern Communications, visit www.eastern.com.ph.


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