City of Manila, Eastern Communications unveil 34 MNLKonek Digital Kiosks


Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna cut the ribbon for the new MNLKonek digital kiosks powered by Eastern Communications

Manila Local Government in partnership with Eastern Communications, one of the premier telecommunications companies in the country, officially unveils today the 34 units of “MNLKonek” digital kiosks along España Boulevard in Manila. 

Supporting the city’s goal of digitization in Manila, Eastern Communications provided the fiber-powered digital kiosks within the stretch of España Boulevard where the public can do local phone calls, charge their phones, call emergency hotlines, and browse the internet for free.  

The MNLKonek digital kiosk offers up to 200 mbps internet speed and can connect 100 users simultaneously within 50-100-meter radius. It also has a built-in tablet that users can use to browse directions, maps, information, and more.  

While everyone is encouraged to stay home as the City of Manila is still under general community quarantine (GCQ), those who need to go out can benefit from the free quality internet, accessible to commuters, constituents, and bystanders for at least 30 minutes per session. Users will be automatically disconnected after the time limit and reconnection is needed to have the free WIFI access.  

City announcements and advertisements will be displayed for public information. 

Up to 100 users within 50-100-meter radius can simultaneously connect to MNLKonek digital kiosks, offering 200 mbps internet speed

“I’m proud to officially introduce MNLKonek digital kiosks to the public, in partnership with Eastern Communications. At this trying time, we value more the role of free internet connection so people can conveniently access relevant resources,” said Manila Mayor Isko Moreno. 

To ensure that the internet connection benefits more people, the MNLKonek digital kiosks are only for browsing purposes. Downloads and video calls are highly discouraged to ensure good quality internet connection for multiple users. Necessary security measures are in place to block off prohibited websites. 

“We are thankful for the local government of Manila for allowing us to be part of this innovation. It has been Eastern Communications commitment to provide a quality internet experience to the public which they can use to get information conveniently and for free,” shared Eastern Communications Sales Division Head Michael Castañeda.  

Last year, Manila City and Eastern Communications launched the first MNLKonek digital kiosk at the Bonifacio Park near Manila City Hall.  

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