Eastern's 8-Digit Migration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions. 

1. What is the 8-Digit Migration for Metro Manila Landlines all about?

 The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) mandated all landline telephone providers in “02” area code covering the entire Metro Manila, the entire Rizal Province, Biñan, Laguna and Bacoor, Caviteto use 8-digit telephone number format by October 6, 2019, from the current 7-digit telephone number format.


2. What is a PTE identifier?

To facilitate the migration to an 8-digit telephone number format, the NTC has assigned a single-digit Public Telecommunications Entity (PTE) Identifier to each landline telephone provider in the “02” area code. This PTE Identifier will be added to the existing landline numbers to convert the telephone numbers of their current subscribers to 8-digit.

For ETPI, NTC has assigned the PTE Identifier “5” to be prefixed to all existing 7-digit numbers.

For reference, the following are the PTE identifiers assigned to various telecommunications service providers:

Other Telcos' PTE Identifiers


3. Who are covered by the migrate to 8-digit telephone number format?

Only subscribers within the area code “02” or those in Metro Manila, the entire Rizal Province, Binan, Laguna and Bacoor, Cavite are required to be migrated from 7-digit to 8-digit numbering format. Telephone users outside of these areas will continue to use their existing 7-digit telephone numbers.


4. When will the migration to 8-digit number happen?

All landline telephone providers in the “02” area code will simultaneously implement the migration on 06 October 2019 from 12:00 MN to 5:00 AM (“Migration Period”).


5. What happens during the Migration Period?

While the migration may only take a few minutes, it will be implemented by batches.  Hence, ETPI Customers may experience service downtime within the 5-hour Migration Period. Even if ETPI completes its migration in less than 5-hours, ETPI Customers may still not be able call Bayantel, Globe or PLDT numbers as these telephone providers are still migrating their networks at the time of call.


6. What happens to other services availed from ETPI?

Internet, data and managed services of ETPI will remain uninterrupted during the Migration Period.


7. What if an ETPI Subscriber incorrectly dialed the previous 7-digit number format after the Migration Period?

A voice recorded message will be prompted if a subscriber inadvertently dialed a 7-digit telephone number after the migration. The voice prompt will inform the subscriber of the PTE Identifier of the called party. After the voice prompt, ETPI will automatically append the correct PTE identifier and connect the call to your desired party.  If this autodialing feature is unsuccessful, the subscriber has to re-dial the new 8-digit telephone number with the correct PTE Identifier.

For the convenience of its Subscribers, ETPI will maintain the voice recording and the autodialing for 3-months from migration.


8. What will be the changes in ETPI assigned numbers?

Callers intending reach ETPI Subscriber numbers under the area code “02” shall add the number “5” before the existing 7-digit number of such Subscriber. Ex. Subscriber with telephone number 309-1234shall have the telephone number 5309-1234after the migration.

Thus, for callers from Philippine provinces to Metro Manila Numbers:

Dial 0 + Area Code (2) + 8 digits landline number

For callers from outside the Philippines:

Dial 00 + Country Code (63) + Area Code (2) + 8 digits landline number


9. What happens to vanity numbers and the non 7-digit hotline numbers?

Existing vanity and non 7-digit hotline numbers are covered by the NTC-mandated migration and will be converted to 8-digits telephone number depending on the PTE Identifier of their telephone provider.


10. How can ETPI Subscribers make calls during the migration?

All telephone users in the “02” area code may not be able to call or be called through their landlines during the Migration Period. ETPI Subscribers are encouraged to use their mobile phones to make important calls.


11. For new customers, when will the 8-digit number expansion apply?

Telephone installations before the migration period shall still follow the 7-digit number, subject to change to 8-digits after the migration.


12. My phone system currently has a call forwarding feature, how will this be affected by the 8-digit migration?

Subscribers who use a call forwarding system shall be responsible in re-configuring their respective systems following the new 8-digit telephone number format. A voice prompt will be played for calls forwarded to 7-digit numbers after the migration.  ETPI will endeavor to complete the forwarded calls for a period of 3-months.


13. Are there changes and reconfigurations needed on Customer’s PABX System?

The migration is not expected to affect the ability and functionalities of PABX Systems.  ETPI Subscribers could still place and receive calls via their PBAX System after the migration.  They are, however, urged to contact their PABX supplier to reconfigure their PABX System and effect their new 8-digit telephone number.  They  are further advised to coordinate with their Account Managers to schedule with ETPI Technical Team for the alignment of the reconfiguration of their PABX System outgoing CLI with their new 8-digit telephone number after the 06 October 2019 migration.


14. Our 7-digit telephone number is in our marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers, brochures, print ads, and websites. How will I inform my customers/friends about the new number?

All telephone providers are mandated to strictly implement the 8-digit numbering plan starting 06 October 2019. ETPI Subscribers are therefore advised to effect the necessary changes to their marketing materials and collaterals to avoid service disruption.


15. For ETPI payment channels that require information about the landline number, when do I start inputting the new 8-digit number?

After the migration, the 8-digit number shall be inputted on all ETPI payment channels that require telephone number information to facilitate the posting of payment.


16. Will there be changes in the ETPI Customer Experience Hotline numbers?

ETPI’s Customer Experience representatives will be glad to assist ETPI Subscribers through their new hotline numbers:

Eastern Customer Hotline Numbers


17. Where can I file a complaint on the adoption of 8-digit telephone number?

The migration to 8-digit telephone number format is mandated by the government in order provide better and future proof service to the public.  All concerns on this policy may be raised directly to the NTC through its website http://ntc.gov.ph.