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Eastern Communications Wifi Mesh

Optimize connectivity in all corners of your workplace

Know more about WiFi Mesh and how it can rid you of troublesome dead spots

Do you ever wonder why some parts of your office have great access to wifi while other areas have a weak connection or no connection at all?

November 16, 2018
Work from Home

Work from home 101: how to set up your home office

Have you ever considered working from home? With the stress brought by the exhausting morning rush and traffic in the country, a lot of individuals have chosen to save time, expense, and energy by just working from their own place.

September 24, 2018
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Smart Homes: How the Internet of Things (IoT) Is Changing the Way We Live

A few years ago, the Internet of Things (IoT) was practically unheard of. With the exception of the science and tech industry, nobody really knew what is was or what it meant. Today, there are smart homes and smart cities in developed countries. How is IoT changing the way we live?

July 10, 2018
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Data Protection: What Can You Do to Secure Your Company Jewels?

In a data-driven world where customer data is a company’s most valuable asset, it is most fundamental to secure data at an optimum level. Unfortunately, not all companies are doing what it takes to strengthen their security.

July 10, 2018
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Why Securing Your E-Commerce Site is Important

With the arrival of the “ber” month, excited shoppers are now starting to scour the web to score good online deals before the holidays begin. Is your business doing what it takes to secure your site’s payment processes?

July 10, 2018